Joe Biden's Approval Today takes a unique, algorithmic-based approach at defining a more accurate presidential approval rating. If you've come here with the idea that "There is no way he's trending even remotely close to 40%!" then - not only are you correct - but you've come to the right place. Since the 2016 election results, modern polling has proven itself to be a rather antiquated approach in taking the pulse of the nation's citizens with a focus on too small a subset of potential voters with predetermined political leanings (even the major 'poll aggregators' utilize this same outdated, inaccurate methodology). Our unique, in-house formula provides, what we believe to be, a better representation of the national satisfaction of the acting president in the form of the algorithm-based T.A.R.i. - or 'True Approval Rating index'.
"The promise of the Biden presidency - knowledge, competence and stability in tough times - have all been called into question."
- Democratic Pollster Jeff Horwitt
True Approval Rating index (T.A.R.i.)

[ Rating calculated 12/02/2022 ] 20.2%
Approval Trending: STABLE (+0.3%)
T.A.R.i. Value Represents Approximately 16,434,898 of Original Biden Voters of 2020 (81,268,924).

+ The T.A.R.i. value is calculated bi-monthly, typically on or around the 1st and 30th of every month OR when the national situation requires a rapid adjustment.
+ Our methodology includes the candidate's original victory percentage coupled with general job approval, own/opposite party satisfaction, 'direction of the country', economic leadership, etc...
+ 'Approval Trending' is altered when there has been a shift of 2% or greater in the T.A.R.i. result.
Key Ongoing Administration Issues

Economic Recession
High / Rising Inflation
High / Rising Consumer Costs
High / Rising Energy Costs
Supply Chain Issues
Southern Border Crisis
Gun Violence
High / Rising Big City Crime
Abortion Rights Protection
China / Taiwan Tensions
Chinese Aggression
High Gas Prices
Russo-Ukrainian War
Railroad Strike
Diesel Shortage
Student Loan Forgiveness
Climate Change Legislation
Inflation Reduction Act*
Baby Formula Shortage
'Build Back Better' Legislation*
Law Enforcement / Criminal Justice Reform
COVID-19 Pandemic Response
Voting Rights Legislation
National Unity
Afghanistan Withdrawal

NOTES: Issues above shown in black have either been suspended, abandoned, or ended by the Administration, either officially or unofficially; *With the Democrat's inability to pass BBB in its original, bloated form, the party rebranded it to become the stripped-down 'Inflation Reduction Act'.

The True Approval Rating index (T.A.R.i.) is our in-house formula for determining the current 'true' approval rating of the President; this involves factors such as election victory percentage, current voting group approval numbers, and applicable modifiers.
Joe Biden Approval Charts (2021-Present)

Joe Biden Approval Chart graphic 2022
2022 has not been kinder to Biden who has seen his popularity fall even below Trump-levels all the while under the pressure of rising inflation, recession fears, and supply shortages, and passing expensive support packages.
Joe Biden Approval Chart graphic 2021
Ole Biden enjoyed the peak of popularity in January 2021. However, the disasterous Afghanistan Exit that killed 13 Marines and others sent his approval on a downward spiral from which it has never recovered.
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