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Sat Sep 30, 2023

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"America is a nation that can be defined in a single word - Asufutimaehaehfutbw..."
- Joe Biden takes an algorithmic-based approach at defining a more accurate presidential approval rating. Since the 2016 election results, modern polling has proven itself to be unrealible with its focus on too small a subset of potential voters with predetermined political leanings. Our unique formula provides a better representation of the national satisfaction of the acting president.
The following figures approved for by 81.28 million Americans at a running cost of $170,775,418,000,000 USD ($514,538 per American):

$131 trillion
True Cost of Climate Change Agenda to American Tax Payers (Mar.2023)
$33 trillion
National Debt achieved under Biden Watch, Highest Ever (Sep.2023)
$1.9 trillion
American Tax-Payer Dollars Committed to the COVID Relief Bill (2021)
$1.2 trillion
True Cost of 'Inflation Reduction' Act (WSJ, Mar.2023)
$1.0 trillion
Debt added in just three months of Bidenomics; July - August (Sep.2023)
$1.0 trillion
American's record credit card debt under Bidenomics (CNN, Aug.2023)
$1.0 trillion
Projected cost of Biden's Food Stamp program expansion (NYP, Aug.2023)
$680 billion
Projected long-term added cost of 'Inflation Reduction' Act
$620 billion
Unrealized losses by US Banks during the March 2023 Banking Crisis
$400 billion
Taxpayer dollars promised by Biden Admin to 'forgive' student loans by way of EO
$369 billion
Committed to Climate and Energy programs, current and future
$300 billion
Bail-Out Funds to U.S. Banks in Single Week (Mar.2023)
$228 billion
True cost of Obamacare subsidies for 2023-2033
$200 billion
American taxpayer dollars lost to COVID-19 fraud schemes (2020-2022)
$190 billion
In aggregate excess savings held by Americans under BidenWatch; was $2.1tril (Aug.2023)
$116 billion
in student loans 'forgiven; by Biden Admin at tax payer expense (Aug.2023)
$80 billion
American Taxpayer dollars directed towards expansion of IRS
$43+ billion
Tax-payer dollars spent on Russo-Ukrainian War (Apr.2023)
$30 billion
In losses to national retail theft under Biden / Progressive Dems (Aug.2023)
$7 billion
Worth of military equipment gifted to Taliban by Biden Admin (Aug.2023)
$6 billion
Secured for Iran in prisoner swap by Biden Admin - on anniversary of 9/11 (Sep.2023)
$2.35 billion
Taxpayer dollars handed to Taliban since American withdrawal (Aug.2023)
$1 billion
American taxpayer dollars pledged to UN climate fund (Apr.2023)
$600 mil
Unveiled for additional climate change spending (Jun.2023)
$68 million
Paid to BLM/ANTIFA rioters by American cities under Biden Watch (Sep.2023)
$40.0 mil
DHS funding to colleges to conflate Conservatives with Nazis (MRC, May.2023)
$17.3 mil
Biden's Estimated earnings from 2016-2020
$10 mil
Taxpayer dollars used to militarize the IRS since 2020
$8 mil
Biden's Alleged Estimated Net Worth (Jun.2021)
$1.3 mil
Biden family allegedly received from China-linked biz assoc, Mar.2023
Buying Power Lost by Homeowners in 1 Year of Bidenomics (Sep.2023)
Cost to family of USMC killed in 2021 Kabul Blast for relocating remains to Arlington
Drop in average wealth for middle-class Americans (Bloomberg, Jul.2023)
Cost of Biden regulations per household since 2020 (UoC Study, Jun.2023)
One-time payment offered to Lahaina residents affected by Biden Admin (Aug.2023)
205.8 mil
Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck under Biden Rule (Aug.2023)
40.1 mil
Afghan men, women, and children abandoned by Biden Admin (Aug.2021)
11 mil
Estimated illegal immigrants in-country under BidenWatch - Rep.A.Biggs (Sep.2023)
4.2 mil
Illegal Immigrants having entered the U.S. since January 2021 (May.2023)
1.6 mil
Acres Leased to Energy Companies in Gulf of Mexico by Biden Admin (Mar.2023)
81.28 mil
Votes tallied for Biden from the Nov.3, 2020 election
COVID deaths under Biden (Mar.2023)
Acres owned by China in the U.S. (2020)
Small Arms abandoned to the Taliban by Biden Admin in Afghanistan (Mar.2023)
Improper warrantless searches by Biden's FBI (May.2023)
Number of Border Encounters reported in single month under BidenWatch (Sep.2023)
Venezuelans granted Temporary Protected Status by Biden Admin (Sep.2023)
Record number of Americans having committed suicide in 2022 (Aug.2023)
Migrants apprehended at Tucson Sector in just One Week (Jul.2023)
Americans Abandoned in Afghanistan by Biden Admin (Feb.2022)
Persons crossing the Southern Border per day under BidenWatch (Sep.2022)
Illegals having passed through AZ border in single day under BidenWatch (Sep.2022)
Dow Jones Market Increase Under Biden; +10,511pts Under Trump (Apr.2023)
Minues spent by Left-leaning media covering Trump indictment (Jul.2023)
Days of vacation taken by Biden in just 2.5yrs of office (Aug.2023)
Number of Days Biden Has Spent on Vacation (Jan.2023)
Dem votes against Halt All Lethal Trafficking of Fentanyl Act (May.2023)
Gun dealer licenses revoked by Biden's ATF, a record over 12mos (Aug.2023)
Number of confirmed Article III judges nominated by Biden (Mar.2023)
Number of Executive Orders Signed by Biden Since Jan.2021 (Mar.2023)
People lost to the pandemic according to Biden (Jul.2023)
Number of Cars in Biden Motorcade En Route to Climate Discussion (Mar.2023)
Number of U.S. District Court judges nominated by Biden (Mar.2023)
Joe Biden's age by the time of the 2024 Presidential Elections
Number of States Joe Biden Thinks America Has (Oct.2022)
Executive Orders Signed by Biden in First 100 Days (39, Trump)
Number of Doom-and-Gloom scenarios championed by the Left since 1947
Number of Times J.Biden Thinks He's Been to Iraq/Afghanistan (May.2022)
Number of U.S. Courts of Appeals judges nominated by Biden (Mar.2023)
Number of Press Conferences Held by Biden; Trump managed 88 (May.2023)
Business calls Joe Biden participated in (via whistleblower D.Archer, Jul.23)
Number of Days T.Sec P.Buttigieg Waited Before Visiting E.Palestine, OH
Executive Orders signed by Biden on DAY 1 of presidency (Jan.2021)
Number of times Biden lied about family business dealings (Aug.2023)
Number of US Marines killed during Afghanistan Withdrawal (Aug.2021)
Revealed secret Chinese police stations Operating in US under BidenWatch (Apr.2023)
Number of sit-down interviews Biden has conducted since taking office (Dec.2022)
Number of times Biden has exaggerated 2004 house fire to relate with tragic events (Aug.2023)
Avg days delay in USPS mail delivery due to Biden EV mandate (Aug.2023)
Number of American embassies evacuated under Biden in 3yrs (May.2023)
Number of Times Biden Has Tripped Up the Stairs of Air Force One
Number of Banks Bailed Out by Biden Admin Over 2 Week Period (Mar.2023)
Number of times Biden claims Beau died in Iraq (he died of cancer at W.Reed, 2015)
FBI offices investigating Catholic churches for 'domestic terrorism' (Aug.2023)
Years that household income in America has fallen under BidenWatch (Sep.2023)
Times marijuana (banned substance) was found in Biden's WH (2022)
WH Press Corps member threatened by Biden Admin with expulsion (Jul.2023)
Women's Courage Awards Biden Admin has given to men
Times Biden caught checking his watch during Marine funeral (Aug.2021)
Number of times a sandbag has taken down Biden in public
Clashes with razorblade-wielding gang leader Corn Pop (1962)
Bags of cocaine found in White House library (Jul.2023)
Topless Trans-Activists (Biological Male) photographed on WH lawn (Jun.2023)
Number of times Biden has fallen off of a bike (as far as is known)
Number of granddaughters not acknowledged by Biden
KKK Chapter Leaders eulogized by Joe Biden (Sen.R.Byrd, 2010)
Of all EMTs quit their jobs in 2021 due to assaults in Biden's America (Aug.2023)
Minutes spent by Left-leaning media covering Biden Bribery Scandal (Jul.2023)
Suspects named by Biden Secret Service for cocaine incident at WH (Jul.2023)
Number of times Biden has visited East Palestine, OH railway disaster (Mar.2023)
Polled Americans who think J.Biden is too old for a 2nd Term (Aug.2023)
Americans believe US is becoming Police State - Rasmussen (Sep.2023)
Attacks on Pro-Life organizations under Biden (vs 30% Pro-Choice, May.2023)
Americans Dont Believe Biden Can Physically Do a 2nd Term (Apr.2023)
Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck under Biden - CNBC (Nov.2020)
Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck under BidenWatch (Sep.2023)
Americans believing Biden policies making economy worse - CNN (Sep.2023)
True Inflation Rate under Biden according to AmPrez CPI index (Sep.2023)
Americans trust in Congressional Repubs over Biden (45%) CNN (Aug.2023)
Percentage of voter base that approved of Biden over Trump - Nov.2020
Polled Americans believe H.Biden did something illegal - Aug.2023
'True Inflation Rate' under BidenWatch - Aug.2023
Polled Americans trust Trump over Biden to fix the economy (Sep.2023)
Pct of time Biden has been on vacation throughout his term (Aug.2023)
Increase in Price of One Dozen Eggs Under Biden (Mar.2023)
Polled Americans trust Biden over Trump to fix the economy (Sep.2023)
Increase in Natural Gas Costs Under BidenWatch (Mar.2023)
401k 'hardship withdrawals' by Americans under Biden (Mar.2023)
Increase in Energy Costs Under Biden (Mar.2023)
% of healthcare workforce lost to Biden's Vaccine Mandate (Aug.2023)
% of Americans that trust the government under BidenWatch (Sep.2023)
Increase in Electricity Costs as Admin pushes electric-everything (Mar.2023)
Increase in grocery prices due to Biden Food Stamp expansion (NYP, Aug.2023)
Reportedly Biden's Equity Stake in CEFC China Energy Company
National annual 30yr fixed mortgage rate; was 2.65% under Trump (Aug.2023)
U.S. Annual Inflation Rate Peak 2021; was 1.4% when Biden took office
Household Wealth Growth under Bidenomics, lowest since 2008 (Aug.2023)
Average Price of 1lb of Beef (Feb.2023)
Avg Price of a Gallon of Gas, Jun.2022 (was $2.39 when Biden took office)
Average Price of 1lb of Chicken (Sep.2022)
Time spent by MSM covering the Biden Burisma Bribery Scandal (Jun.2023)

Key Ongoing Administration Issues

Economic Recession
High / Rising Inflation
High / Rising Consumer Costs
High / Rising Energy Costs
Supply Chain Issues
Southern Border Crisis / Illegal Immigration
Gun Violence
High / Rising Big City Crime
Administration Transparency
National Unity
Women's Sports Protections
Chinese Bio Labs on U.S. Soil
Adderall Shortage
National Strike Threats
Baby Formula Shortage
Children's Medicine Shortage
Banking Crisis
China / Taiwan Tensions
High Gas Prices
Russo-Ukrainian War
Immigration Reform
Climate Change Legislation
Gun Legislation
Inflation Reduction Act*
Student Loan Forgiveness
SVD Bank Collapse
Baby Formula Shortage
East Palestine (OH) Train Derailment
Nationwide Train Derailments
Chinese Police Spy Rings
Chinese Spy Balloons**
Abortion Rights Protection***
Railroad Strike
Diesel Shortage
'Build Back Better' Legislation*
Law Enforcement / Criminal Justice Reform
COVID-19 Pandemic Response
Voting Rights Legislation
Afghanistan Withdrawal****

NOTES: Issues above shown in black have either been suspended, abandoned, or ended by the Administration, either officially or unofficially.
* With the Democrat's inability to pass BBB in its original, bloated form, the party rebranded it to become the stripped-down 'Inflation Reduction Act' to better sell the package to voters, ironically resulting in a rise to national inflation.
** Allowed to cross over the entirety of U.S. while transmitting real-time data of military facilities to the Chinese.
*** Failed to codify when Democrats had complete control of House, Senate, and WH from 2020-2022.
**** Resulting in the deaths of 13 U.S. Marines and nearly 200 Afghan civilians.

Joe Biden Approval Charts (2021-Present)

Joe Biden Approval Chart graphic 2023
2023 shows only a slight improvement for Ole Joe from the bump had from the Midterms but little else - the House was ultimately lost to Republicans and the Senate only barely retained under Democrat control. Banking issues and rising recession fears continue.
Joe Biden Approval Chart graphic 2022
2022 has not been kinder to Ole Joe who has seen his popularity fall (even below Trump at points) all the while under the pressure of rising inflation, recession fears, and supply chain shortages - despite this the Dems moved to pass expensive, bloated economic packages.
Joe Biden Approval Chart graphic 2021
Ole Joe enjoyed the peak of popularity in January 2021. However, the disastrous Afghanistan Exit that killed 13 Marines and Afghanistan civilians sent his approval on a downward spiral from which it has never recovered.
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