Joe Biden Approval Rating (2021)

The President's Approval Rating per our TARi formula

The True Approval Rating Index, or 'T.A.R.i'., utilizes our in-house formula to generate a current approval rating of the current president. Traditional polling has proven itself quite unreliable since the 2016 Presidential election cycle, the current approach typiclly not encompassing a true voting base by working from a small subset of results, leading to a higher-than-normal approval for any acting president of the United States. Our formula goes further to produce a more accurate (and realistic) result, tracking seven major factors to produce a more streamlined approval rating better reflecting the general national mood.

The area chart below compares Biden 2021 to Trump 2017 and Obama 2013, the first year of each respective President's term.

Over the course of his first year in office, Trump - who began his term will a low TARi score of 22.1 - went on to lose 3.8 points. Comparatively, Biden - beginning with a TARi score of 29.1 - has gone on to lose 6.4 points of overall support in the same span. Obama began his second term with a lower TARi rating than Biden and went on to lose a total of 4.7 points during 2013 giving Biden the most drastic decrease in the same amount of time of the three candidates. Much of the consistent eroding of Biden's approval comes from the disastrous exit from Afghanistan of August 2021 - which left thirteen U.S. Marines dead, left billions of dollars of equipment in the hands of the Taliban, and did away with decades of rebuilding progress and regional security.

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